HyperRogue III


A unique experience among roguelikes


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HyperRogue III is a very particular roguelike where your aim is to get as much money and gems as you can before you die. And dying is not optional: the game can only end when you die.

The gameplay is very simple, a lot simpler than in more traditional roguelikes: you can choose which cell to move to using the mouse, while you also try to find the treasure. The problem is that the more treasure you find, the more enemies you attract.

The combats are simple too: if you attack first you kill the enemy, but if they do it first, you're the one dead. It's really that simple. Dying near the beginning of the game is thus almost impossible, since you always have room to move. But as more monsters appear, you have fewer free cells to move to.

HyperRogue III is a game with a unique and original gameplay. In contrast to most games in this genre, it offers a straightforward experience that you can enjoy from the very first second you start playing.
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